Basic Information According to Act No. 18/2018 Coll. on Personal Data Protection as Amended

Personal data administrator
We are company Farmárik, s.r.o.seatBolešov 448, 01853, Slovakia,ID No.: 36745057, Tax ID No.: 2022335249, ID VAT: SK2022335249, and we are the administrator of your personal data.
Which kind ofpersonal data do we process?
Personal data received from you
We processpersonal datathat you provide us. Hereby we declare that the data will be not given to third parties.
Personal datareceived from other parties
In frame of common marketing campaigns, we also can process yourpersonal data; due to marketing campaigns and proper fulfilment of the contract we may combinethem.
In case that yourpersonal data are sold to any other subject, we will inform you about it in advance; we will also mention the name of the person to whom thepersonal datawill be sold. Also, if someone sells your personal data to us, he / she must also inform you about this in advance.
Personal datafrom third parties that you provide to us
If you provide us personal data of a third person, you will be obliged to inform this person about it and to ensure his / her consent to these terms of personal data protection.
Personal datathat we process automatically
When you visit our website,we can collect certain information on you, such as IP address, date and time of your access to our website, information on your Internet browser, operating system and setting of your language. In addition, we mayalso process information on your behaviour on our websites, e. g.which links on our websitesyou visit andwhich goods you see. Due to your maximal privacy, the informationon your behaviour on our websitesis anonymized, therefore we do not know how to assign it to a concrete user (person).
If you visit our websitesfrom a mobile phone or any similar device, we may also process information onyour mobile device (data in your mobile phone, records on failure of an application, etc.).
We process automatically cookies, too. For that purpose,we use tool Google Analytics, which anonymizes yourpersonal data. I. e. that it is not possible to assigncookies available to usto any concrete person anymore.
From that reason we are not able (not even if we would like) to watch the behaviour of a concrete user on our websites.
Versions for mobile phones
If you visit our websitesfrom a mobile phone, tablet or similar device, we optimize our websites for these devices. In such case, we process your personal data in a similar way as at the access from a computer.
Why we collect and process your personal data
We process yourpersonal data due to the following reasons:
• Purchase ofthe goods and services: Firstly,we process yourpersonal datain order to properly process and deliver your order. When occur any problems, thanks to your personal datawe will know who we can contact.
• Taking care of customers: When you contactus with any question / problem, to answer you or to solve the problem we must process yourpersonal data. In some cases, we may also pass thepersonal data to third parties (e. g. to the forwarding agent of the goods).
• User account: Thanks to your personal data, which you provide to us in your user profile, several useful functions will become available to you (e. g.,if you mention your phone number, we can easily inform you on the delivery time of the order). Anytime you may change data you have inserted, except the e-mail address, which serves for the access to your user account.

• Exercising rights and legal claims and controls by public authorities: We may also process yourpersonal data from the reason that we need them to exercise our rights and legal claims (e. g.,when you have an unpaid receivable against us). Furthermore, we can also process yourpersonal data from the reason that we need them for the purposes of controls carried out by public authorities and for other similarly important reasons.

We process the personal data on the following legal grounds
Fulfilment and conclusion of a contract
We need a big part of your personal dataat all in order to be able to conclude with you a purchase or other contract on the goods or services that you want to purchase from us. As soon as the contract has been concluded, we process yourpersonal datain order to properly deliver the purchased goods or to provide properly the purchased services. Due to this legal reason, we process particularly invoicing and delivery data.

Legitimate interests
We also use yourpersonal datato provide you with a relevant content, i. e., with the content that is interesting for you. Pursuant to the legitimate interest we processparticularly the personal datathat we process automatically and cookies.

Handing over thepersonal data to third parties
We transfer your personal datato the third parties in the following cases:
• Delivery of the goods: The forwarding agent chosen by you would not be able to deliver the goods if we did not give them the informationwhere and to whom they must deliver the goods.We submit the forwarding agent such data depending on how you fill them in in the order. The handed over data shall contain particularly your first name and surname, delivery address, phone number where the carrier may contact you and, when the goodshave not been paid in advance yet, the sum that must be paid at the taking over the goods. The forwarding agent is authorized, in relation to the personal data that we transfer to them,to process the data only for the purpose of the delivery of the goods;then the forwarding agent is obliged to delete the personal data immediately.
• State authorities: In case of enforcement of our rights,your personal data may be passed to a third party (e. g. to an advocate). If legal rules or a state authority (e. g. police) imposesthe obligationto hand over them your personal data, we must do it.
• Accounting processing:We hand over yourpersonal datato a third party for the purpose of accounting processing.

How longwe process your personal data?
Generally, wewill process your personal data for the entire duration of the contractual relationship between us.
In case of the processing thepersonal datato which a consent has been given, your personal data will be processed for 7 years or until the revocation of such consent.
If you sign up for business news, wewill process your personal data for 7 years or until you will express your disagreement with their further sending.
Furthermore, please note that thepersonal datanecessary for the proper providing the services or for the fulfilment of all our duties, whether these obligations arise from the contract between us or from generally binding legal rules, must be processed by us irrespective of the consent given by you for a period determined by relevant legal rules or in accordance with them (e. g. in the case of tax documents, this period is at least 10 years).
Data obtained through a user account or in another similar wayare processed by us during the period of the use of our services and then usually 5 years after their cancellation. Subsequently, only basic identification data and information on the reason for which the user account was cancelled or data forming a part of operational backups are usually stored for a reasonable period.

Personal datasecuring
Your personal data are protected by us.In order to prevent an unauthorized access and misuse of yourpersonal data, we have taken reasonable technical and organizationalmeasures.
They depend on the protection of yourpersonal data. Therefore, we not only check their securingregularly, but we improve their protection continuously. All communication between your equipment and our web servers is encrypted. The login data are password protected andall your data are stored only on the servers in secured data centres with the limited, properly checked and audited access.
We try to use such safety measures that, related to the current state of technologies, provide sufficient security. The taken safety measures are regularly updated.

Personal dataof persons under 16 years
Oure-shop is not destined for children of age under 16 years. A person younger than 16 yearsmay only use our e-shop if his / her legal representative (parent or guardian) gives his / her a consent.

What rights do you have in relation to the protection of your personal data
Concerning yourpersonal data,first of all you have right to call back your consent with the personal data processing in any time, right to modify or complete your personal data, right to demand a limitation of their processing, right to object the processing of your personal data, right toaccess to yourpersonal data , right todemand the transfer of yourpersonal data, right to be informed on a breach of the securing yourpersonal data andunder certain conditions also right tocancel someof your personal datathat we process (so called right to be "forgotten").

Modification and complement
You can contact us via e-mail,, or

In case you think that your personal dataare incorrect, you can contact us via e-mail, info@farmarik.czor

Access (portability)
You have right to access to the following information related to yourpersonal data:
• What are purposes of the processing yourpersonal data.
• Whatcategories are thepersonal data in question.
• Who except youis recipient of yourpersonal data.
• Assumed period for which yourpersonal data will be stored.
• If you have right to demand from us the correction or erasing yourpersonal dataor a limitation of their processing or to raise an objection againstthis processing.
• Information onthe source of thepersonal dataif we have not obtained them from you.

Furthermore, you may demand us to erase data about you (however, data in documents that we are obliged to keep according to the law cannot be erased (e. g. invoices orcredit notes)). If we need your personal datafor the determination, exercise or defence of our legal claims, your request may be denied (e. g. when we register an outstanding receivable or in the case of an ongoing claim procedure).
Except the above-mentioned cases, you have right to erase the data in the following cases:
a. The personal data are not needed anymore for the purposes for which they were processed.
b. You have called back your consent to process your personal data, and there is no legal reason to continue in their processing anymore.
c. You have claimed the dataprocessing andyou consider that when assessing the objection, it becomes clear that in a specific situation your interest prevails over our interest in the data processing.
d. Personal data are processed illegally.
e. The obligation to erase is established by a special legal regulation.
f. They are personal data of children under 16 years.

You may apply your right via,, or

We process some of your personal data pursuant to our legitimate interest (see chapter "We process the personal data on the following legal grounds"). If you have concrete reasons, you may object to the processing yourpersonal datavia, info@farmarik.czor

Limitation of the data processing
If (a) you object to the accuracy of your personal data, (b) yourpersonal data are processed illegally, (c) we do not need yourpersonal data anymore, but you need them for the determination, exercise or defence of your legal claims, or (d) you object according to the preceding point, so you have right to have us restrict processing yourpersonal data.
In such case,we can process yourpersonal data with your approval only (exceptstorage or backup ofthe personal data in question).

Submitting a complaint
If youthink that we process yourpersonal data illegally, you will have right to submit a complaint to the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic. However, we will be happy if you solve some mistakes with us first. You can always contact us easily via, info@farmarik.czor, or on phone number +421 42 20 21 22 7.
These Terms of Personal Data Protection including their parts are valid and effective from 25/5/2018.


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